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Focused Media Relations

Our expertise lies in selling our clients' stories to the most appropriate news medium. In each case, the story must fit the medium. Whether your goal is to introduce new products, share client news, or educate others in a particular field, Public Image uses the proper media to accomplish clear-cut objectives.

We sucessfully devise strategies to sell, pitch and place stories. Our strengths include working regularly with trade media in various areas, including education, insurance, risk management, health care, technology and manufacturing. We identify, write and pitch stories that get published and get results.
At Public Image, we believe good communication and solid relationships are the keys to effective media relations.

Public Relations Campaigns

Organizing public relations campaigns is not an easy task. Public Image has the expertise to organize campaigns that are built around goals and strategies. We look at target audiences and figure out the best way to reach them. Whether our clients are embarking on a fundraising campaign, or trying to increase public awareness of a particular service or product, we can put together a plan that makes sense and realizes positive results.

Rely on Public Image for your every public relations need, We do it all, we do it well and we meet every deadline.